Friday, January 2, 2015

Photos, and top o' the Minor News

Top o' the Minor News:

Interior Alaska's December 2014 was second warmest on record.

3 men see snout, free moose buried in avalanche. My favorite quote from the story: "After 10 minutes of digging, the moose stood up, towered over its rescuers and ran off."

Photo here courtesy of the Friends of the Chugach National Forest Avalanche Information Center:

Fairbanks teen detained after alleged attempted underwear theft. My favorite from this: "The teen told police he had been at home watching pornography on his cellphone and decided to steal some women’s underwear..."

Anyway, here are some photos from my comparatively simple life.

The two goobers sitting on a mount of snow behind our cabin:

It was warm again, for Christmas and New Year:

Which made for more overflow on Rosie Creek:

Sunrise! 11 a.m.!

Dowgs patiently waiting while I take photos:

A survey line through the woods:

There are timber wolves and there are prairie wolves. I have couch wolves:


mdr said...

ha ha ha the moose towered up and ran off.

would be fun to know what the big guy was thinking at that very moment..

Rena said...

They're lucky that the moose didn't kick them in the head for their trouble. Pretty brave guys.

Happy New Year! The sunrise/high noon/sunset looks beautiful.

Arvay said...

A very lucky moose indeed, to be (1) buried uninjured (2) with his nose sticking out and (3) with kind-hearted people headed his way. I wonder how slim the odds are of all three happening at once?

Avalanches terrify me. that's why I don't downhill ski. An acquaintance of mine a few weeks ago lost his human and dog buddies in an avalanche. They were skiing in the Alaska Range when the snow came down. It took him over an hour to dig himself out, and when he dug out his two companions, he saw that it was of no use. They were already gone. :(

mdr said...

Thank you for being careful, thank you.