Monday, March 2, 2015

Single Life!

Now that DL is gone for the week, I can... um... I'm not sure what, exactly. I don't seem to do much that annoys him. He is very tolerant!

However, I do use him as a living teddy bear, so now Starbuck has to fulfill that duty:

Me: I luuuuuuuurve my Starbuckeroooooooo!
Starbuck: gggnnnmmmmnnnffffnnnggglllhhhhhhhh...

Weeeellll, one thing I do differently in his absence is eat very little meat. I like meat, but it takes some effort and extra dishwashing. Here is a typical Arvay-alone meal:

I boil some pasta, sautée veggies with garlic in olive oil, and medium-cook eggs at the same time. When the pasta is done, I toss it with the veggies and set the eggs on top. While the noodles are still hot, I break open the eggs, and the thickened-but-still-runny yolks make a sort of pasta sauce:

Since I knew DL was headed to Texas and restaurant food for a week, I loaded him up with veggies before he left:

Yum! I am very good at choosing avocados.

Since this post has become something of a dump of miscellaneous photos, please enjoy this one of Autumn and her giant bone:

And this one of candles glowing during our short power outage:


Rena said...

Throw a hot runny egg over anything, and I'm game.
Looks delish.
Looking at your weather forecast, looks like lots of snow followed by coldie coldie cold temps, so am glad conditions will be tolerable for the near future.

Debs said...

Your food always looks lovely.

mdr said...

Those bowls of soup look delicious and nutricious. Mdr's Russian soup?

Arvay said...

@Rena, sounds good to me!

@Debs, why thank you!

@Mdr, that soup is my specialty--I call it "simmered everything in the fridge". :)