Tuesday, March 31, 2015

White Mountains Snowshoe

The snow is now all slush, the river watchers are predicting the earliest breakup ever, and the first behbeh reindeer was born. We decided to see what the snow was like the White Mountains last weekend.

Dogs always lead the way!

Starbuckeroo luuuuuuuurrrrrves snnnnnooooowwww and smears her face all over in it.

Autumn sez, "I don't know what she is doing!"

Snuggle break!

Pretty Autumn girl:

A pair of wolves on the ridgeline!

Linden schniffs with her schnozz:

Pretty red wolf:

Linden with a tiny black wolf walking out from her ear:

The mountains were crisp and beautiful in the distance:

When we got to the top of Wickersham Dome, we found a huge group of people and dogs. They asked us to take their photo, and I was amazed at how nicely their dogs posed. You'll also notice that Autumn and Starbuck posed with them. :)

And then they returned the favor and took a photo of us:

We like tha moon!

Roo sez, "Another fine day in retirement!"


e. davis said...

Love those fuzzy grrrls:)Thank you for sharing your adventures with them along with awesome pics! I'm a new reader in Nor.CA- found your blog around YQ/Iditarod 2015. Been reading previous posts & really enjoy your musings of life, fuzzies, food, behbeh critters, sketches,etc:-)

Arvay said...

Why, thank you!

e. davis said...

You're welcome! Got to love your fuzzies - I have three of my own :)