Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Snow! Snow! Snow!

On Saturday morning, we woke up to several inches of fresh snow!

However, it was warm and wet and sticky, making skiing difficult. Nevertheless, we had fun. Check out Starbuckerooooooooooo!!!

And Autumn smiling:

Roo loooooooooves snow:

"I hear something!!"

My favorite landmark:

Booger is all back to normal, bouncing around!

DL being fuzzy:

The leaders conferring under a favorite tree:

Until Booger joins them. "Hey! Whatcha talking about? What? Cheeze? Bacon? Fuzzy? I'm fuzzy! Cheeze? Whooo? Rrrrrr?"

Every moment is a new adventure for Booger!

It was so warm that the snow spontaneously made a little snowball around Autumn's tags:

"Talk to da paw!"


Rena said...

Is it a trick of the camera and light, or is Linden getting a cataract in her right eye?
Glad you're getting snow -I saw some satellite pictures of a serious serious storm brewing off the coast. Unfortunately the bay area won't see much of it.

Rena said...

ohwait, that's Autumn, not Linden in those last two photos.

Arvay said...

Autumn's had cloudy eyes for... maybe the past 5 years? I know her vision has not been good--I've seen her slip up on things--but she gets by okay. :)