Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A great year for lingonberries!

Lingonberries are called cranberries here. But anyway, Wow! Check 'em out!

M, the ladies, and I went to pick them after DL and I spotted them on a trail walk a few days prior. I was trying to be patient as they are supposed to be sweeter after the first frost, but everything's been ripening so early this year that I decided to go get 'em.

It seems that under the forest canopy, things ripen later. There were still raspberries along the forest trail, even though they are gone from my yard:

And these purple flowers still looked fresh!

Compare it against the fading fireweed in my yard:

Look at this tiny thing!

And now... some miscellaneous couchal photos!

So comfy on her pillow!

Starbuckaroo paws!

Starbuck, the Amazing Boneless Husky, takes the shape of the couch.


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