Monday, August 3, 2015


This year has been a so-so blueberry one. Not great, but not terrible. DL and I went out for 3 hours one day and got a gallon between the two of us. M and I went out for 6 hours another day and got a gallon each.

When I see a good berry patch, I drop my main bags and the girls' water bowl, and establish a base of operations there. All I carry with me are my one (quart) bucket (washed-out yogurt container) and my bear spray. The girls follow me around, interrupting their naps to get up, move five feet, and flop down again in order to stay close to me.

Here is one of the denser shrubs.

M's dog, Nia, is a bit like Starbuck--she loves to cuddle and be petted, and she loves to roll around in the tundra:

M had just returned from a work trip, so Nia was very happy to snuggle with her mama:

What a sweetie:


Elderly dog selfie!

Is this what blueberry flowers look like if they never get pollinated?

When I got home, I decided that rather than throw all of the berries directly into the freezer, I'd retain one fresh quart, to put into yogurt and stuff. I also made a crumble with rhubarb:

How cute is Linden?

Three couch creatures:

The goobers accepting pettinks:

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mdr said...

Berries are good, but leave some for the bear.