Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The first whiffs of fall are in the air

Monday morning, we woke up to a gray drizzle. The thermometer read 50F/10C. Highbush cranberries and dwarf dogwood were shining through the dank:

As I started our morning run, Autumn wobbled to a stop within ten minutes. Then she laid down. I'm taking this in stride now that it's become our new normal. I waited ten minutes, and she got up and we proceeded to our walk. However, this time she flopped down a second time, five minutes later. Starbuck and Linden were tugging at the leashes and anxious to go on, so I carried Autumn home, laid her on the couch, and ran our loop with just the other two. My heart was heavy. But when we got home, Autumn got up to greet us and seemed to have recovered somewhat. But I called my office and told them I'd work from home for the day.

Half an hour later, it occurred to me that Autumn hadn't peed or pooped really, so I leashed her up and took her for a solo walk. She was perky and happy. I remembered when it was just she and I, getting to know ourselves and each other as we built new lives, I in a new state and she in a new retirement. I was amazed at her beauty and her sweet temperament, as well as her near-instantaneous devotion to me. We'd go for long walks as we explored our new home. Autumn and me, and me and Autumn. I was so lost in thought that I hadn't noticed we were keeping up quite a clip and did our two-mile "short loop" in under half an hour. I thought she seemed to have made a fine recovery. While we were out, Linden and Starbuck must have called the Frito Factory and told them not to have the bus pick them up since I was staying home. I must say, I need not have... they spent the day mostly ignoring me while I worked, with an occasional annoyed sigh when I went to pet one or the other. I decided to annoy them further and take selfies with them.

Autumn selfie!

Linden selfie!

Starbuck selfie!

Sitting in the cabin instead of the insulated, citified office really brought home that fall was in the air. I lit the first fire of the season in the wood stove. And the fireweed has mostly gone to fluffy seed. Here is a photo of the same flower I photographed on July 15:

I'll need to pick my annual supply of rose hips soon:

Here are some more marginally dignified photos of Starbuck:

Starbuck and her paw paws:

Starbuck looking sorta serious:

Starbuck and her velvety soft schnozzle nozzle:


mdr said...

you have internet connection from the cabin now.

rena said...

Oh Autumn!

e. davis said...

Sending good vibes to Miss Autumn- senior dogs rock :)

Allmycke said...

Starbuck is a Beauty - as are Autumn and Linden... She just looks a bit like Loki, which talks to my heart.