Friday, April 29, 2016

Notes from here and there

1) How?


Is Booger?

She looks like a caribou calf!

2) I've just realized that the document holder that I was given with my new hire documentation in 2014 contains a convenient sleeve for a 5-1/4" floppy!

3) Goose eggs are huge!

4) Look! Spring leaves!

A dead one from last year is still clinging on!

5) Starbuckeroo is soooooffft:


Since the snow is gone, pulling our pulk around is no longer an option. But Autumn is strong again and still wants to hike with us, so I got this portable stretcher for her. She has not gone lame in nearly six months, since her heart meds have stabilized, so I think we can just pack this around for emergency deployment. The first review reads:
"I bought this for my work in the veterinary hospital, it is much easier to carry immobile dogs then the pipe and canvas stretcher we had. This soft stretcher is easier to maneuver around corners and thru doorways... it is a bit long for dogs, but we just fold under the last set of handles to match up with the other set and it's perfect! I highly recommend this type of stretcher for any vet hospital!!" :)


bt said...

So glad that Autumn has stabilized. That's wonderful.

Arvay said...

@bt, thanks! It is a blessing!