Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Two creatures inspiring me today

1) This octopus, who climbed out of his tank in his aquarium and squeezed himself down a drain hole to the ocean. "Later, suckers. Peace out," I imagine he said.

2) This tough and evidently delightful 72-year-old lady, who survived ten days lost in Arizona with her dog. She had emergency food in her car, but no water, so she left for water and got lost. At one point she killed a turtle with her pocket knife, and cooked and ate it in its own shell. She also had the capability to make a fire. Among the many awesome details of this story and this wonderful lady, my favorite is that she plans to use the ordeal for artwork. "I could definitely paint for the next 20 years all the incredibly beautiful canyons, trees, rivers and rocks that I saw... It’s like being in Sedona, Ariz., only multilayered, over and over again. Those incredibly wonderful geological scenes all around me."


mdr said...

Forgot to say that not only all looks great, also, your earrings are perfect in shape, size and length too. Tiny ones like two dots are less complimentary. This is a great pair.

Arvay said...

Mdr, I got those earrings in a tourist shop in the basement of my hotel when I was in Las Vegas for the Collegiate Wind Competition two years ago! :)

mdr said...

I see, great pick. Still amazed at the dress which a designer cannot make it so perfectly styled just for you, forgot to say the color is great too, not shockingly white; and the softly flowing skirt really flatters your small waistline and also makes your legs slender. All about the fashion and makeup are to emphasize a woman's best and cover her not-so-perfect. This dress did it all. It is good for attending wedding and formal party too. What a wonderful dress. Shoes was good too. Beautiful overall. I like how DL dressed too. The Sam bracelet would make it even more perfect.