Monday, April 11, 2016

Notes from here and there

1) Wedding photos are in! There are *only* 96 of them, which is totally manageable for a wedding, but even that is too much for me to cope with, so here are my favorites at a quick glance:

My godmother:

Here we are with our photographer:

He is a local guy, from the Big Island. I found him via mass email to the University of Hawai'i art department. He's a photography student, but already a quite enchanting photographer of nature and scenery. He said he had quit doing weddings since he got tired of the associated drama and short tempers, but I guess my email posting made clear that DL and I would give him neither. :) Anyway, when he showed up he apologized for being barefoot. His slippers had flown off while riding his bike. As he told me that story, I knew without a doubt that we had chosen the perfect photographer for us. :) He also gamely darted all over the rocks to get some nice photos:

DL was in leather-soled dress shoes. Making me the rare bride to have the most comfy shoes present. :)

It was a lovely day, and a surprise to our friends and families, but not much. :)

2) The little old ladies (LOLs) snoozing pretty:

And I will love her and hug her and squeeze her and call her Starbuckeroo!

3) FIND! Since the snow is gone, pulling our pulk around is no longer an option. But Autumn is strong again and still wants to hike with us... what to do? I went to Prospector over the weekend, thinking about maybe a bike trailer.

DL then pointed out that Autumn has hardly gone lame in six months! We probably didn't need to tow a trailer around everywhere. Why not look for a collapsible stretcher? I couldn't find any in town to buy locally, but the first hit on google was this! The first review reads:
"I bought this for my work in the veterinary hospital, it is much easier to carry immobile dogs then the pipe and canvas stretcher we had. This soft stretcher is easier to maneuver around corners and thru doorways... it is a bit long for dogs, but we just fold under the last set of handles to match up with the other set and it's perfect! I highly recommend this type of stretcher for any vet hospital!!"

How perfect is that? So I ordered one. I will report back what it's like when it arrives!


gina said...

Love the wedding photos, especially you both on the rocks with the surf behind you. Congratulations !

Arvay said...

Thank you!

Vanessa said...

LOVE the photos. You look perfect. Awesome story on the flip flops. XOXO

Kelly from Haines said...

I leave for a few months (or a year?) and come back to find you married and still counting the dogs like the count! Happy for you, congratulations!