Monday, April 18, 2016

Seasonal markers

1) Swapped out winter tires for summer. Our driveway is still muddy, so I drove to a neighborhood park, which has a fancy-pants packed gravel pad parking lot. True to form, everyone who saw me stopped to offer help. I really do think Fairbanks has the nicest people! And I realize what a gem I found in DL, who loads my muddy tires into my hatchback, along with firewood to block the other tires while jacking the car, and pointedly tells me to bring my cell phone. But lets me drive off and do my own thing while he stays home and takes care of other springtime shenanigans. :)

2) Killed my first mosquitoes. :(

3) Willow catkins are everywhere!

4) People are sneezing everywhere (I guess it's common to be allergic to birch pollen.)

5) Dowgs are shedding.

6) Mud is everywhere.

In other news, meese in the tundra!

And in other other news, A bill ensuring the well-being of pets is factored into domestic violence orders and divorces has passed the Legislature. Yay!

Edited to add: behbehreindeer!

A day-old reindeer at the Reindeer Research Program at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Photo courtesy of Jessica Matthews, Ester.


Rena said...

So you don't suffer from birch or other seasonal allergies? The oaks are blooming down here. I've been handing out zyrtec around here.
I think that's pretty rad that you not only change your own tires, but that you live in a neighborhood where people still reach out to one another and offer help.

Arvay said...

@Rena, I have seasonal allergies, but not to birch. I still have not been able to pinpoint mine, but I get bad about a month behind the birch people. :)