Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Starbuck working finals week

Starbuck, the Amazing Boneless Husky, is at work with me today. We have signed up to work a shift on the stress relief team at the library for finals week.

"I wanna hold your haaaaaaaaaaand, I wanna hold your hand!"

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mdr said...

that tiny runt needs to be dewormed.. we learned in the past months.. all puppies have worms, round worm, pin worm, tape worm... some are contagious to humans such as round worms. They got those worm eggs from mother dogs unless the parent dogs are so well taken care of (medically), some AKC breeder would be careful with their parent dogs to protect their investments.

The 1st one bought for SE months ago had round worms in her poop (after the routine deworm med from the vet), we were so alarmed and gave the pup back for free. This one we just bought turned out having tape worms (after vet's deworm med too). disgusting and nasty.... Adult dogs have better immunity but still need deworming per half year because they pick up worm eggs from walking outdoors, said Adobe vet