Wednesday, December 28, 2016

SSSSssssssoooooo Coooommfffffyyyyyy...

To all nine of my loyal readers:
Happy Winter Holiday of your Choice!

May you be warm (but not too warm) and comfy (but not too comfy, so you'll always have something to strive for!)!!

Tomorrow, a big storm is coming! So I'm spending this evening buying Things We Can Eat Without Cooking, and Things We Can Cook on a Campstove, like couscous, cold cuts, and instant oatmeal. I hope it stays cold, so we can keep the wood stove going on high and use that to cook as well. If temperatures get warm, then no way! I'd rather eat cold cereal than overheat the cabin! (pant, pant, pant)

I was thinking that our situation must be unique in almost all the world:
1) We could lose power, but we won't worry about refrigeration (we have the porch!).
2) If we run low on food, we can always still drive to the fully modern store, or to a restaurant in town!
3) But not if the roads aren't plowed.
4) Our "emergency foods" aren't canned foods and Mountain House packs. We can buy fresh things!
5) We won't worry about heat, because we have the wood stove!

Where else on earth do those 5 statements all go together? Some sound like a developing nation, while others are thoroughly modern America. Life, eh?


bt said...

I have no idea where (if anywhere other than Alaska) those statements are true, but I hope that you pass through the storm unscathed.

rena said...

Happy New Years to you and everyone there. Hope you weathered the storm okay. We are enjoying our short sleeves as we spray paint our cub scout pinewood derby cars.

Arvay said...

It snowed over a foot last night, we shoveled once, and another 8-10 inches is expected before midday Saturday! We did not lose power, but the wind is blowing, and we may still yet!