Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My mind, it is boggled

So the Sili Valley is having some kind of heat wave, with temps in the 80s F. Here, we are sliding gently into winter, with temps in the 20s F.

Yesterday evening I came home to this:

My flamingos are having the desired effect:

Time for my first moose stew of the season!

1. Dredge the moose chunks in flour with salt and pepper, then sear in olive oil:

2. Add potatoes, onions, carrots, and tomatoes, and your cheap beer of choice (mine is PBR):

3. Bring to a boil:

4. Let simmer for an hour or so. If the fire size you need for steps (3) and (4) are compatible with how you need to heat your house, use the wood stove for free cooking!

5. Mmmmmm:

Linden is recovering nicely. Thank you to everyone who sent good wishes! She hasn't been good about limiting movement and remaining calm, as the vet requested, but she's still healing up okay. She's not cooperative about such things because she's so! excited! to be! alive! and she's! so cute! and she! wants to kiss you! and bounce! off the walls!

Here she is in a calmer moment:


Debs said...

Good to hear Linden is doing well.

Your cabin looks really tiny and cute in the top photo!

Rena said...

If you poke around in my facebook notes you'll find a couple of really amaaazing Moroccan stew recipes using beef or lamb, one with apples and raisins, the other with sweet potatos. Next time you have some moose stew meat around... I hardly ever make regular stew these days because the tagines are so knock-your-socks-off tasty.

So glad to hear Linden is back to her usual self. When will you get the path report?

Arvay said...

Hmmm... I've never been big into the sweet-plus-savory combo that seems to appeal to so many others. For example--apples with pork, or pineapples on pizza. But I do like raisins with cheese, so maybe I'll try that!

DJC said...

The husky circle!