Saturday, October 16, 2010

Spring is just around the corner...

My friend Robert wrote me:

I was commenting today... [on] what a beautiful day it was. We are about eight weeks before Christmas, and eight weeks after Christmas it will again be sunny just like it is now. Eight weeks after Christmas is Valentines day, that is when spring begins and its time to play in the snow.

Ha ha ha ha ha. :)

Also... Linden's biopsy report came back yesterday... the lumps weren't cancerous! Yay!


Rena said...

Ahaa! Very good news about Linden. hooray!
Your friend makes 8 weeks sound like nothing. But when it's cold and dreary 8 years is foreeeeever!

Arvay said...

Well.. a-hem... 8 years WOULD be a long time for winter to last. :)

bt said...

Yay on Linden's biospsy! Great news!!!