Friday, October 1, 2010

So when's snow coming?

This is like the opposite of the Ice Classic. People are speculating on when the first snow is going to stick.

The Minor News writes a new blurb about it almost every other day, and has had this poll up for about a week now:

The local butcher is having a contest: " When is it going to snow? The first person to guess the first layer depth (in inches) of snowfall in fairbanks will win a case of steaks, 50lbs of potatoes, and 10 lbs of carrots..."

Oh, and I saw a car this morning that had just had its studs put on. The summer tires were sitting in the hatchback. I guess I ought to do that next week.

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mdr said...

If I vote and win, may I graciously decline the winner's reward :-)