Monday, October 18, 2010


I was sitting in a coffee house yesterday, reading a paper while waiting for my laundry to be done in the laundromat next door, when a group of men came in and sat at the table next to mine. They were of a certain Alaskan stereotype--older, unshaven, with wear holes in their shirts and dirt stains in their Carhartts. They were also warm and friendly and had kind faces. They were loud enough that I could not help but eavesdrop. One of them told the others about a design of a house he was working on, a geodesic dome (something not uncommon around here; my neighbor across the street has a dome house). "Did you know," he asked his companions. "That the shape of the house comes from Buckminster Fuller?" I resisted the temptation to jump in with comments on Bucky Balls and Watership Down rabbits, and continued listening. Around that time, another guy who would have fit in with that group sat with me, confessed that he had been glancing over my shoulder, and wanted to talk about mechanical properties of snow! When it was time for me to pick up my laundry, I excused myself, but still overheard the Bucky Ball admirer talking. He informed his companions that he had just been approved for a medical marijuana card, and so he'd be a happier man the next time he saw them. I left feeling grateful for the interesting society of these folks.

Then, in my own Carhartts and stained shirt, I headed off to go makeup shopping. But that is a topic for another post. Life has such funny ways!


mdr said...

They know more than I do for sure

Rena said...

Glad to hear you got your laundry done, Miss Rabbit-Toes, hee hee!

Living in a geodesic dome, eh? I wonder what you do with those edges - you can't fit furniture there, you can't stand in the corner. hmmm. And what kind of insulation do you use to insulate a dome like that? Seems kind of impractical, no?

Speaking of medical mj, I am eagerly anticipating the coming elections to see if legalization will pass. Not that I am a consumer nor a producer, but it sure is an interesting topic.

And you'll have to tell us about makeup shopping. I am completely clueless - I think the last time I bought makeup was sometime in the early 90s. What color am I anyways - buff? Nude?

Max R. said...

What's more interesting in CA is what has already been signed into law. Possesion of 1 oz or less is no longer a Misdomeaner, but is merely an Infraction punishiable by fine.

Anonymous said...

That's funny... I think I was at the same coffee shop. No joke. Do you live in Boston? Wearing a red shirt when this conversation took place? I'm not much of an evesdropper but I couldn't help it.

Arvay said...

Well here, if you are under the personal use limit, it's not even an infraction. You are allowed to have x number (which I don't know) of your own plants, and n grams (which I also don't know) on you for personal use. I'm not sure what having a medical card entitles you to--higher limits? No limits?

Anon... I'm in Fairbanks. :)

Debs said...

I love those dome homes, so much so that I have this dream that we'll be able to buy a bit of land in Shetland (remote islands between Scotland and Sweden) and import one to live in there. Apparently you can buy them in flatpacks from the US, and they're not too hard to put together (like an Ikea wardrobe then?).

Hey Anon, I was in Boston over the weekend (my first US trip from the UK)- maybe you saw me there instead?? lol!