Friday, October 8, 2010

My latest dog

I have a tendency to absorb strays into my pack. Fortunately, I'm not the sucker I was a few years ago, and I dutifully turn them over to the local animal shelter. This has enabled me to reduce my animal count down from a high of 9 down to 3, and one day 2 (Bunnistan will be dissolved upon the decease of its dictator, Miss Millie B. Doofus).

So this morning I was driving down Cripple Creek Road toward the highway to come into town, when I saw a husky running like a bat out of hell down the road ahead of me. I pulled up alongside her and looked down at my speedometer: 25 miles per hour. I cranked down the window, braked to a stop, and called out. "Hey dog!" The dog skidded to a stop, stood up on her hind legs, and put her paws on the windowsill with that big goofy smile that is unique to Alaskan huskies.

I jumped out and opened the hatchback, and she jumped right in and started barking and howling excitedly. So we were going straight to the animal shelter then. This creature was too excitable to remain long with me!

I turned her over, but if any of my local readers know anyone in the 'hood who's missing a husky, you know where to send them! Also... this is too sweet and good-natured of a dog to be put to sleep, so if she goes unclaimed, would someone please consider adopting her? I'll post a link to her petfinder page if she goes up for adoption. I'd love to have her, but as I said, I'm keeping my numbers down. And she's too hyper to fit into my small, quiet household.

She's a female, greyish blended tweed color (like a grey wolf), about 4-6 years old. Very active, very strong, very bouncy! I found her on Cripple Creek near Rabbit Run.

Edited to add a link to her "found dogs" page on the shelter website, and while I was posting, her page disappeared! So her owner must have claimed her! Yay! Here is the photo, anyway. Isn't she adorable?


mdr said...

She is absolutely adorable and I am glad you know how to set limits within your own ability more than years ago, I think this is part of true maturity -- knowing our own limits. You did the best for the dog without letting her alone and hitting by other cars

Anonymous said...

The most adorable dog ever. Until you post another one. :)

Debs said...

I want!!!

[wonders if I could sneak to Alaska and bring her home in my suitcase when I visit the US next week]