Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fall falls on Murphy Dome

Today we had a perfectly stunning, unbelievably beautiful fall day. M and I decided to go for a hike on Murphy Dome.

This is the area that burned in a fire last summer (2009):

The valley as seen from Murphy Dome:

Goober dawgs!

Resting during lunch time:

Ponds and flats to the North. We are well into moose hunting season, and hunters were heading there to seek meese.

At some point, we absorbed another dog into our pack. We asked passers-by if they were missing a dog, or if they knew anyone who was. We found no clue as to his owners, so we took him with us.

See how nicely he fits in with my crew? We took him to the animal shelter, and they scanned him and found a microchip! Yay! He'll be reunited with his family!

M picking cranberries:

M lives in a Quaker community. When I went to drop her off, I took some photos of their garden. Is any vegetable prettier than purple cauliflower?

M's outhouse overlooks a beautiful wooded hill behind the property. It's very picturesque, sitting in there! The downside to lacking a door, however, is that skwerls steal their toilet paper. Here is their solution:

Beautiful birch in their driveway:


b said...

Would the other downside to not having a door to your loo be mozzies biting your arse?

mdr said...

Squirrels steal toilet papers because they wipe themselves after dumps :-) :-)

Arvay said...

Is b under the linguistic influence of Dingo Dave? I'm pretty sure b is American, but she's sounding Aussie lately. :)