Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Uncle! Uncle!

My final pickup from Rosie Creek Farm:

Holy cabbage, batman!

Mercy! I surrender!

The road to/from the farm:

I lived along that road a few years ago. Autumn and I have put many miles running up and down it. It's so lovely!


mdr said...

The cabbage looks huge next to your head, also, your head is on the smaller side among Asians.

I dug out Darbie and Lynn and washed them for SHE. I then saw on the web that they are about $80 each now, wow, hairloom :-)

Arvay said...


How cute is that? I can't wait to see!

Anonymous said...

Miss Millie says you should share the pumpkin with her. :)

mdr said...

I got curious and searched the web. Darbie and Lynn, if with certs and boxes, are now $295 each. Wow!

Arvay said...

But if we had kept them in their original boxes and not played with them at all, they would not have served the purpose of dolls. :)

mdr said...

Totally agreed with your words.

Max R. said...

Is it just me or are your guns more noticable than that cabbage? (guns = biceps in this context).

I phear you. :)

Arvay said...

That's it, Max! I've been pumping iron so I could beat up my old college friends! You caught me!

The Enforcer said...

Like Max, I, too, was going to comment on the GUNZ. Damn, lady! You look awesome! =)