Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Notes from here and there

1. We have a snow forecast for tomorrow. Yay! I'm sure it will just be a sprinkling, but still...

2. Road not necessary for road rage. File under "incidents from the villages".

3. Here is an article you absolutely must read: Anchorage woman holds police at bay in armed standoff over cat. The article includes the memorable lines, "The woman refused for several hours to come out of the Centennial Village residence, resulting in a standoff with police. The standoff ended when the woman took some medication and fell asleep."

4. Finally, here is an article describing two of our candidates for borough assembly. This one's a real gem. Apparently, the Bennett brothers would like to eliminate property taxes to free us from serfdom. Understand, the State of Alaska has no income nor sales taxes. The only source of income for road maintenance, fire and ambulance services, schools, etc. is our property taxes. But the apostrophe-abusing Bennett brothers (signs all over town proclaim, "Bennett's For Borough") inform us:

Think about it, you buy a home and property, you get a 30 year mortgage on it and pay anywhere from $150 to $200,000 to the government besides your mortgage.WHY???

To rent your property. The government is claiming ownership on your property, you are the Serf, and the government is the lord, the landowner. Don’t think so? Don’t pay your “rent” and watch them take it from you.

This is Wrong! We, the Free people of the united States of America have the Right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Property!

To pay homage to a state entity is to place yourself subservient to that entity. To pay a “tax” implies that we are not the rightful owners, only the lessor of the land.Our Founding Fathers would NEVER have backed such an institution. They saw Property Rights as the Foundation to an Individuals Freedom.

That's a direct copy/paste. The spacing, punctuation, and spelling are all theirs. I think I need to go lie down now.


Max R. said...

Viva la Revolution!!

mdr said...

If AK eliminates the annual dividend payment to offset the property tax revenue..... People are not in AK just for the dividend, but rewarding property owners by tax elimination can encourage AK's real estate market.

Arvay said...

Mudder, I think you misunderstood. I posted that link only for humorous purposes. Those are not serious candidates, and that is not a serious proposal. You cannot run a city with no income.

The Permanent Fund, which belongs to all Alaskans, cannot be funneled toward the Fairbanks North Star Borough. That would be absolutely outrageous.

People are not in AK just for the dividend, or just for low tax rates. Oregon, for example, also has no income tax and low sales tax rates. And, as I discussed earlier, the dividend amount is really trivial compared to the extra costs of living associated with the cold weather (heating bills, car care, clothing, etc). A person would have to be incredibly stupid to think that you could get wealthy here because of the dividend.