Monday, September 27, 2010

And so it begins...

Last night we got our first light, light dusting of snow. The trails are *almost* frozen, although they still need to be covered in snow to be truly passable. Miss Millie B. Doofus, SuperAgent of the Second Law of Thermodynamics and Supreme Ruler of the People's Independent Republic of Bunnistan, sez, "I am a fluffy, cuddly bunny."

The birch forest that we like to walk through is denuded, and the sun is cold and stark:

The girls are bouncy and happy and run around like greased lightning:

Parts of this hillside are cut from when the mining companies came to check whether mining there would be profitable:

A stand of quaking aspen that has yet to drop its leaves:

Another stand of quaking aspen made the local paper for being the first to turn in the fall.

Edited to add this bit of hilarious irrelevance. I had to take a screenshot of this targeted advertising fail. Why in heck is this product being advertised to me?

I couldn't think of a worse match if I tried!


Rena said...

Seems like you had such a short fall. Snow already? Yesterday we drove through Los Angeles in 107 degree heat. Today it hit 113 in downtown LA.
So any update on the electric dog collars? You were really serious about buyign them??

mdr said...

It has been in the upper 80's and today was 92F in MV. SHE could not nap this afternoon, probably due to the heat. Their house has no airconditioning, do you believe it?

mdr said...

Millie did not look real in that picture.

Arvay said...

Yes, I was perfectly serious about that! Those dang dogs run off, sometimes for hours at a time! They are traffic smart, and they always know their way home, but I'm worried that one day they'll get into someone's chickens and get shot. :( I ordered one that will zap them if they leave a certain radius of the house. They are smart cookies; I'm sure I can get them to realize that if they leave with me, it's fine, but if they leave without me, they get zapped. Muwahahahaha.

Arvay said...

AC is not common in the Bay Area, I don't think, but it might be becoming more so as housing gradually updates. I've never had AC, ever, in SF, Berkeley, the Sili Valley, nor, of course, Fairbanks. Unless you count a wet towel and a fan. :)

c said...

Mudder seems to think everyone here has AC except for me because I am so stupid to have bought one of the few houses in the area with no AC. True, it makes more sense to have AC with a baby at home all day. Cuz before the baby, I just went to my office everyday and had AC there so it was pointless.