Wednesday, September 1, 2010

When you get your veggies, does your experience look like this?

Driving to the farm:

The entrance sign to the farm:

Their driveway:

The field:

Tomatoes in the greenhouse:

Compost pile:

The cold storage barn where my pickup awaits:

On my way home, a storm came in. Understand, this farm is five miles from my house, and this is a span of ten minutes. Crazy, huh?

My haul for the week. Holy napa cabbage, batman!

I could only hold the giant napa cabbage if I cradled it like a bouquet. Only it's an enormous cabbage bouquet. That cracked me up and made me feel like some crazy vegetable queen. So I took a photo:

That's me, Miss Ester, in the Carhartt portion of the Miss Vegetable Alaska pageant. Bikini and evening gown are much lower in importance than the Carhartt portion.

Snapped these two photos from my porch later in the evening. One side is all grey:

And the other all blue:


DJC said...

Wonderful looking produce! Thanks for the photo tour of the farm.

Anonymous said...

The pageant queen picture is full of awesome. Just saying.

blippir said...

Oh boy that napa cabbage is screaming, "make jiaozi out of me!"

or shizi tou

mdr said...

When you smile, my world smiles with you

Rena said...

At first I wondered "Where's the giant thing of celery?" and then I saw that you got TWO. Holy moly.
My mouth started watering when I saw the leeks - one of my fav things to cook with. and how in the world are they producing winter squash already?!

Arvay said...

I'm going to make shizi tou indeed!

Arvay said...

I know! But this time they were presented as celeriac with just the celery attached as an incidental. Sneaky, aren't they?