Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Incredible Edibles

Here are some photos I snapped at Alaska Feed's Giant Vegetable Contest. I'm not sure why, but giant vegetables make me laugh.

Giant turnips:

Giant fractal broccoli:

Giant kohlrabi:


Giant rhubarb:

Giant squash:

169-pound pumpkin:

Giant cabbage (of course!):

Giant sunflower:

78-inch -long squash:

My all-local salad:

A snapshot of my commute this morning:

(Don't mind the giant mosquito I squished on the windshield. I leave them there to serve as a Warning to Others.)

It's a bad day for traffic since I'm behind another car. :) What a beautiful time of year this is! The trees are just starting to turn golden, and patches of fog hang in discrete pockets among the low hills.


mdr said...

The turnip looks ugly, the fractal brocolli looks like a hen with a red beak, cute.

Huge vegetables usually don't taste good because they are older.

Anonymous said...

Like the squished mosquito.

DJC said...

How are the able to get them so large?

Arvay said...

They start them early in greenhouses. Then, 18 hours of daylight do the rest. :)