Friday, October 22, 2010

And finally we are getting a wee bit chilly...

15F/-9C at my cabin this morning. 8F/-13C at the bottom of my hill, on the ski trail. I hope this means the roads will firm up and not be so slippery! I've seen about one car per day in a ditch over the past week or so. Slow the heck down when it's icy, everyone! You don't save time when you put yourself in a ditch!

And here is a nice article for today. Physics and a warm fuzzy. Thanks to Two Yaks.


Rena said...

I was trying to convince Dave that temps in March will still be quite cold up there. He figured it'd be in the 30s or 40s, as in, comfortable for the kids in their snow gear. But I thought it'd be around 0 or 15 where it hurts to breathe (me and my wussy lungs).
And then he said that it probably didn't matter because with a wood stove you probably could keep your place piping hot - like 80deg. To which I said that he ought to read your blog more often.
City mice!!

Arvay said...

Nah... it'll likely be in between those two--a comfortable teens to 20s range. :)