Sunday, October 10, 2010

Last hurrah before heading into winter

Two friends, the dogs, and I had planned an out and back hike for the weekend. This is a winter-only trail, too boggy and muddy for summer use. Interlinked with the trail is a brand-new, more sustainable (i.e., drier) trail that had just been cut. Coincidentally, I learned of this new trail in an article published the very day before our hike. I have to say, the new trail was pretty unimpressive, although, being on the hillside, it will undoubtedly stay drier through the summers. I think it will take a few years for light regrowth to make the trail beautiful and scenic. For now, it is just an ugly, fresh scar on the hillside.

Heading out:

A run-down trapper cabin along the trail:

Chena Dome:

Angel Creek:

The new bridge, discussed in the article. The bridge was transported in three parts:

A beaver dam downstream from the bridge:

Dam cool!

The cabin we reserved. It was quite cushy, with sleeping platforms, a table, a wood stove, a camping lantern with several extra mantles, and a saw and maul for collecting/splitting wood to keep it stocked.

Prior campers had left sundry amenities such as spices, cooking oils, paper towels, matches, playing cards, and notes in the logbook. Apparently, the cabin is most popular among mushers and skijorers. People had made many notes about snow conditions, their dogs' names and personalities, and aurora sightings. We even saw several names we recognized.

I asked M to take a photo of me with the girls. Linden, of course, wanted to kiss me instead of look at the camera. Oh well.

The hilltops catch the last light of evening:

View from the outhouse:

All ready to head back the next day:

Ice is already forming on Angel Creek. We filtered water from it to top off our bottles before leaving:

As we drank it later, it was so cold it gave me brain freeze.

A last shot of Chena Dome:

I think that's our last hiking trip for the year! Our next trip, we'll be skiing!


TwoYaks said...

I've been back in there in the summer... I don't think it's that boggy. I got around pretty good! The bugs can get thick though...

mdr said...

No summer camp for me, cannot take bugs. Snow is tough but okay. It must be so cold that you all were covered up.