Sunday, October 31, 2010

Photos I'm not going to share

Back from attending The Enforcer's wedding and visiting with my niece. A stunning, breathtaking bride, and the most beautiful baby I have ever seen. And you won't see them because the former blogs anonymously, and the latter is a baby and deserves to have her privacy respected until she is of an age to unveil herself of her own volition.

Oh well.

Here I am with MP:

I took a shower and combed my hair and informed Mike to smack me if I said anything inappropriate. I think I done good. Now, back to my cabin with me!

Here are the girls taking their walk in my absence:

They don't exactly look like they are missing me!


mdr said...

you look stunning in that red dress, I know you never paid much for clothing but this one surely gets my approval

b said...

you look goooooooood!

MP said...

And what am I chop liver? Geesh... :)

Arvay said...

b's remark was directed at you, I'm certain!

Anonymous said...

Glad you "mad[e] it to the church on time."