Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sun on snow

The girls are unhappy with our short walks instead of long runs, during Linden's recovery:

Dug out my Sorels for the first time this year. The funny thing about winter boots is that they don't wear out or get dirty, since they only traverse snow. Even the soles look brand-new!


MP said...

Funny, I'm starting to recognize some of the terrain now from the runs we did. The second to last pic is that super downhill before crossing cripple creek and getting back to your house I assume.

mdr said...

You can add barley into the stew, it looks so good, yummy.

Winter comes, you can make some red bean/millet/barley soup, millet has the highest protein in grain. I make the same thing for SHE, except using green bean due to heat here.

Allmycke said...

You're a bit further north than I am, but the scenery around here is much the same.
I've also brought out the winter boots - and the flashing collar - and the heavy mitts - and the big fur hat... Because I know real winter is but around the corner.

Arvay said...

MP: Yup, yup. Good eye. :)

mdr: "Millet" is what I would have called Millie's baby, if she had had one. :)

Allmycke: Yup, flashing LED collars are all the rage among fashionable northern dogs. :)

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Snow in Fairbanks in mid-Oct is fine, but snow in Melbourne, VIC, AUS in mid-Oct is just plain WRONG!

Yes, it snowed in Melbourne yesterday. Yikes!