Monday, October 11, 2010

Always be specific

When I got home last night, snow was falling lightly:

This morning, there was over an inch of fresh snow on the ground, but it was so warm (high 20s F), that a lot of it was compacting and turning into slippery ice. I just made it up the slight grade I need to climb, and all of my neighbors and I drove into town very, very slowly.

I should have specified when I wished for snow, for temperatures to remain lower. When you are making wishes, always be specific!

Autumn is hanging out with me today while Linden has a little lump removed from her belly.

Please cross your fingers that the surgery goes smoothly, and that the thing is found not to be cancerous!


Anonymous said...

Dear Linden,
You will be fine. :)
Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

MP said...

Fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

P.S. More pictures of Autumn hanging out, please!

Arvay said...


mdr said...

Is Linden okay? I did not receive email about her.

Arvay said...

Thanks for the well-wishes for Linden. The little goober apparently pulled through okay. I'm going to go get her now. I'll be sure to let all six of my loyal readers know the results of the biopsy as soon as I hear them myself!

mdr said...

They get well fast. Muffin had her uterus removed at age 11-12, that small body recovered in a few days. Hope we are as tough. Damn Lemma returned home every time after hospitalization at Adobe, but the money was lost forever.

Rena said...

Notorious Lemma-the-cat is still alive? I guess Lemma joins the ranks of our own old bad cat, Minnie.
Best wishes for Linden. How did you find the lump and where is it?
Y'know, your track record of loooong-lived pets speaks for itself. I'm sure Linden has quite a lot of adventures still ahead of her.

Anonymous said...

Dear Linden,
I hope you are resting comfortably on your big fluffy cushion and that Autumn is doting on you appropriately.

Debs said...

Good luck Linden!

Oh and at the weekend, I found out my cousin (who I hadn't been in touch with for years) breeds huskies!

Arvay said...

Linden is doing just fine. I had kind of known she would, since she was spayed just a few years ago, and it went smoothly. Surely removing a small lump is less invasive and risky than that!

Yes, Rena. The evil ones always live longest. Well, except for my ratloaves; they were sweet as can be, and lived to 3, which is quite old, for rats. :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Linden,
This is my favourite picture of you. P.S. While I hope you are recovering nicely, your recent surgery does NOT entitle you to a bunnysnack.

Arvay said...


Please request photos and email them to me!


We are not eating Miss Millie!