Monday, January 2, 2017

Storm report!

"The Fairbanks area saw between 10 and 15 inches of snow and whipping winds that gusted into 30 to 40 mph range, National Weather Service meteorologist Ed Plumb said Saturday afternoon."

We only lost power for about two hours, and it happened while we were asleep, so we hardly felt a pinch! Now we have a lot of couscous and cold cuts to eat!

Here are photos!

Before the storm, the sky went grey:

It looked like a piece of paper:

We snuggled:

The first overnight brought a foot of snow, which we duly shoveled, even as the next storm was already bringing the next round of snow:

Look at our doggie guest house!

Then, we snuggled:

And pondered our adopted wolf gift:

The next morning (after our only brief power outage), we reset our clocks and shoveled again. This time, we did the additional details, such as a path to the wood pile:

And sweeping snow off the roof of the shed:

And clearing a path to the ski trail (and to our guest doggie house):

While the ladies supervised from the porch:

Look how deep it was! Here I am standing in the new trail to the doggie guest house:

And then, we snuggled!

The next day, we wore snowshoes to break the rest of our ski trail to the main trail system, and today, we were at liberty to ski again! :)

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