Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Rather chilly this morning!

The ladies were still up for a short walk. I wore wool underwear, compressed polypropylene long underwear, and ski pants. On top I wore a wool baselayer, an wool sweater, and my trusty turd coat:

I can't believe the ladies didn't do the three-paw dance and request a quick turn-around. It was me who aborted our walk!

This is what -40 looks like at 1 p.m.:

There is this thing called "ice fog", which occurs because at temperatures below -40, air cannot hold any moisture at all. At higher than -40, even though it may be still below the freezing point of water, ice crystals require a nucleation particle in order to freeze out of the air. Otherwise, it hangs in the air as gaseous phase. But at below -40, no nucleation particle is required... the moisture just freezes out of the air and hangs there as ice fog. It also tends to sink to low areas, getting trapped in the valley of the city of Fairbanks proper. Since we live in the hills outside of town, we don't get it in our 'hood, and it's highly desirable to be living as such! Realtors highlight in their ads for properties in the hills, "Get out of town and out of the ice fog!" :)


mdr said...

How did DL dress up? Put a picture of male's version of Fairbanks dress code too.

Arvay said...

DL looks the same, except:
1) His coat is older and more frayed.
2) His pants are a tasteful color. He doesn't wear pink.
3) He has a beard instead of a neck gaitor over his face. :) He grows nose-cicles, but doesn't let me photograph them. :)