Saturday, January 14, 2017

Morning ski photos

This is around 10:30, still dawn. The sky was overcast.

We were the first on our section of the trail:

Starbuck looking WOLFIE!

We went down to a small beaver pond, which used to be along our old trail access from our old rental cabin. Autumn and Linden and I used to eagerly await its freezing!


mdr said...

where is good old Linden? She is getting old too, aren't they the same age?

Arvay said...

mdr, Linden can't do the long walks any more. We do a short walk first, then drop her off at home and continue. It's not THAT short though. She can do up to 4 miles. :) Then she gets tired. :( Yes, she is Autumn's littermate, and is now 17.5 years old!