Monday, January 23, 2017

Fuzzy ladies, in character

Booger. Cute.

Roo. Rooful.

And here is a gratuitous Booger-snuggles-wolfie photo:

And in other news, my office seems quite dusty today:

And my coworkers insist on chopping onions? I just can't figure it out!


mdr said...

Nice home made card! I did not know when they mailed it. SE made it herself with little help from her mom. She loves and can draw very well, good hand writing too, okay with math.

bt said...

Such a sweet thing for your niece to do (and your sister to help her do). Very touching.

e. davis said...

Love little kid art:) Looks like somethings my husband's 1st graders do - so very sweet of your niece:)