Saturday, January 7, 2017

Autumn, Summer 1999 - January 6, 2017

Yesterday morning, DL and I made the difficult decision to let Autumn go. From the last year or so, she had survived removal of 1/3 of her liver, a heart murmur diagnosis and treatment, and removal of two other cancerous tumors from her foot and thigh. Yet she always bounced back and loved taking our daily walks, though it shortened from 3 miles to 2, and stretched in time from half an hour to an hour... The last thing that made our decision was that her occasional seizures increased in frequency to 3 last week, and she never quite "came back". Her body went on, but her mind could not control it, nor enjoy it.

Her long life (17 years!) was full of happiness and adventures, and she never knew a single day that she was not loved. She and I covered some 15,000 miles together, running, walking, hiking, and skiing, since she came to me in 2007! Her passing was peaceful... I couldn't even tell you the moment she slipped away.

We have been so blessed. May my readers be as well, in this new year and beyond. Today, I feel love and gratitude. She couldn't have had a better life, and I couldn't have had a better dog.

On our neighborhood ski trail system, where most of those 15,000 miles were spent!

Another common activity for us: going for summertime dayhikes in the mountains, and taking naps during lunchtime:

Autumn approved DL from the get-go. That's how I knew he was a keeper!

On the couch with her sisters!

Doing the Dance of Joy when I get home from work!

Squeezy hug!

Starbuck was Very Concerned when she began to have episodes of lameness.

And in her golden years, she began to tire easily and sleep deeply:

Aaaaahhhh what more do you need than a spot on the couch and a rawhide?

And now... that rare thing that most adopters of adult dogs don't get... puppy photos! (we also get medical records and tech support!)

Being borned!

Look at that look of mischief!

She was a couch dog from the get-go!

Thank you for sharing your life with us, Ms. Autumnster. It has been a joy and an honor.


DJC said...

Autumn was always my favorite! What a great celebratory post of her life.

Sorry to hear that she's gone, but it sounds like you made the right decision.

You have so many great photos to remember her by - love her fuzzy ears!

bt said...

Hugs to your whole family & thanks for sharing the puppy photos!!!

mdr said...

Autumn was such a cute puppy. Never thought about her once a puppy before because I always regarded her a smart leader dog. Muffin was 14 when passing. Her life was fine but not as good as your dogs. You really gave them 200%. You will have fond memories of her and always remember she is no longer in pain any more.

obifolder said...

Thank you for providing the perfect home for her (and the others).

e. davis said...

Thank you for sharing Autumn with us and what a beautiful remembrance of her! Truly a blessing to have had her all these years, she will never be forgotten. The heavens have another star in their midst.

gina said...

Thank you for showing us all the love we get from our animal family members......and how much they mean to us. I wish you all well......