Monday, January 30, 2017

Happy Year of the Rooster, and Booger is Back in Business!

In order to have a proper Chinese New Year, you need to start with a napa cabbage!

And chop it all up!

Then invite friends over to wrap jiao-zhes:

A Boneless Husky can supervise:

You also need salmon!

And a roast chicken, to represent the phoenix:

You also need noodles for longevity, and nian-gao, but I forgot to photograph those... I've decided that the best way to do Chinese New Year is to make jiao-zhe filling and roast the chicken, and solicit everything else! Miss Manners says that a host should not expect anything from guests, but for some reason whenever you invite people for dinner, they almost always asked, "What can I bring?" I guess it's similar to Miss Manners' rule about wedding gifts, which is that they are not mandatory, but seriously, who the heck goes to a wedding and doesn't bring a gift?!?

Fuzzies bug DL!

And snuggle!

Nia collects love!

For the evening I had five! Five fuzzy things in my cabin! Ah, ah, ah! Vahnderful!

A week ago, Linden's leg had finally healed, so we took her back on the trail! She was so happy! So this weekend, we wrapped up her nekkid leg with a giant dog bootie and let her do our whole loop walk with us--5.5 miles--not bad for a 17.5-year-old lady!

The sun was coming out after a grey spell, and the sky was pretty blue:

Roo was all ears!

The sun is up earlier nowadays (the first hint of light is around 8; it rises for real around 9):

Booger does the Booger Boogie!

Roo ponders:

Booger catches snowflakes!

Mysterious hole in the ground! Muchly visited by dogs! I wonder who lives in there?

Roo does her thing in the snow. She looooooves snow!

This is most definitely a vole hole. Look at how tiny he must be!

The ol' tree!

Booger enjoying her walk!

And DL!

Next week, Miss Booger may be strong enough that I can ski, and she can keep up! Let us see!

Happy Year of the Rooster to all nine of my loyal readers!

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mdr said...

A family member would bring something over when visiting for gathering because he/she just wants to share. A friend would bring something over because it is courtesy.

Happy Chinese New Year. Have a wonderful year of good health and alot happiness.