Saturday, October 17, 2009

Photos around the neighborhood ski trails

I woke up to an overcast sky and hoped for snow, but none came. Nevertheless, I figured that the recent drop in temperatures might have made the neighborhood ski trails passable for walking. They are marshy and watery, and impassable in the Summer.

I was mostly right, although the wateriest of all is the one that connects to the back of my land, so the girls and I had to walk on the roads a bit.

The main trail on the "official" trail system is nicely maintained and bizarrely civilized. It's nicely lined with plastic and then gravel. It never gets marshy. It seems a bit out of place in our rural neighborhood, but I sure do appreciate it.

Hoar frost on the plants:

Off the main trail. These side trails connect to the power line trails:

How a swampy trail is made passable! Ice is nice!

Pretty hoar frost. It looks like pine needles:

I only got one shot at this before Linden sat on it. She does that often when I am attempting macro shots. She thinks she is much cuter than any berries, flowers, or hoar frost!

The trail back:

The leaves are still visible, with no snow to cover them:

This trail would take us home, but you can see why we had to turn back!

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