Thursday, November 12, 2009

Linden's definition of edible

"I found it, and it fits in my mouth"

Rocks, sled dog booties, pizza boxes, tissues, unidentifiable frozen objects she's dug up in the yard, moose marbles, plants, twigs, the bunnies' pelleted food, the bunnies' hay, bark from my kindling box, etc are all fair game, to Linden. Then she promptly barfs, or later has diarrhea, and I wonder why she can't gain weight.

When I first got Linden, I wondered whether she had a physiological problem that kept her so thin. Worms, maybe? I took her to the vet, where she was thoroughly examined and diagnosed with "dietary indiscretion". Yes, that is on her medical record as a medical condition.

Alaskan huskies are bred for a good appetite. A working dog cannot afford to be finicky or to fall short of energy. The kind of people for whom exercise ruins their appetite could never be working dogs! It's a trait I enjoy in my girls, probably because in my family, gluttony is a virtue. The Chinese, like the Mexicans and the Italians, seem to have a universal family motto of "If you love me, let me feed you." On one of my visits to my sister when my mother was present, my sister spied me eating some bread with peanut butter. She recoiled in horror and hollered, "Muuuudddddeeeeeer!! Arvay's eating peeeeeaaannuuut buuuuttteeeer!" Whereupon my mother rushed into the kitchen to prepare for me instead one of the sumptuous foods that she and my sister cook. When I set Autumn's and Linden's suppers before them, they are gone before I count to ten.

I only wish Linden would be more selective. :/


Rena said...

My cousin's Alaskan Malamute and the husky-ish mutt used to get into her underwear drawer, select the most expensive bra she had, and then tear it in half. Sometimes the bra was partially consumed before they were discovered. The Malamute was especially bad. Like Linden, he would eat anything that would fit into his mouth, and once had to have surgery to remove a nerf baseball.
And don't forget about Tania's cat that went to surgery because he ate a string that had been wrapped around one of those delicious savory leaf-wrapped sticky rice packets.


The Enforcer said...

"I found it, and it fits in my mouth"

HILARIOUS. I also love "dietary indiscretion". That is amazing. I feel that there are times when I also suffer from this condition...

mdr said...

my funny girl