Monday, November 9, 2009

White Mountains yesterday

A group of friends and I went to the White Mountains yesterday. There was barely enough snow to ski, and it was quite cold, but we had fun.

The girls, backlit:

Carl and Dan on the trail:

Chewie courting Linden:

Chewie hasn't been deballed yet, so he *really* enjoys hanging out with three girls. Fortunately, our girls are all spayed!

The group:

A very cold lunch stop:

The waning quarter moon over Wickersham Dome:

Here are the doofi, relaxing at home:

By the way, frozen Snickers and frozen caramel Twix are delicious! Frozen grapes are nice. Frozen apples are bad, bad, bad. Ouch! My teef!


blip said...

Even Autumn & Linden look cold!

Vanessa said...

i know i'm weird... but as i scrolled down the pics, my first thought when i saw the doofis was: she's prepping rabbit for dinner?!?

mdr said...

It looks too cold for me too

Debs said...

I'm sure the rabbits were prepared for dinner, mine always are lol

Eva Gallant said...

I'm a wimp. I'll curl up in my blankey by the fire! lol