Saturday, November 7, 2009


The ski trails in my neighborhood are now frozen and covered in several inches of powder! Yay!

I opened a new stick of kick wax, and found it smiling at me:

Isn't it cute?

And then I had to rub his face in it...


Rena said...

good omen, that happy face!

So do you just rub the wax onto your skis? When we snowboard, we have two kinds of wax - the one that you apply with a hot iron and then scrape so it leaves a thin thin film of hard wax, and then we also use Zardoz notWax, which is a byproduct of making teflon - it feels like wd40 and you just rub it in like oil. I'll send you some if you can't find it up there - good good stuff.

mdr said...

The was said "Have a safe, healthy and happy winter".

mdr said...

The Wax said " have a safe, healthy and happy winter".

Arvay said...

We classic skiers also have two kinds of wax--the wax that you apply with an iron must be the same, if not very similar, to snowboard wax. We call it "glide wax." "Kick wax" you only apply in the middle portion of the ski, under the camber, to add friction so you can "kick" yourself forward. I don't use kick wax when I am going to be strictly skijoring, because then the girls just tow me and I don't do any work at all. :) Kick wax comes in that little stick, and you rub it on and then slough it smooth with an abrasive sponge.

Don't send me anything! I'm coming down in two weeks, and I'll see you at Tim's wedding! :)