Monday, February 7, 2011

Best. Cheese. Sammich. Evar.

Friends, a wood stove is a true grill. Add a cast iron trivet, and yay! Grilled cheese! Tuna melts! Cheese!

Patience, plum blossom! Both sides must be adequately toasted, and the cheese suitably melted!

Cheese closeup:

Add a tomato, and pickled beans and garlic from last summer--perfection!

Okay so I've just blogged about a cheese sandwich. Thusly goes the exciting life of a grad student. :)


DJC said...

Bonus points for the images being named sammich1, sammich2, and sammich3

rena said...

mmmm, winner! The Barbarians will be over shortly for a sammich.

So how hot -is- that surface? And how do you clean bits of melted cheese off of the surface? because you know'd look like a hot mess when I was done.

Debs said...

You could make bannocks on there too - really nice with smoked salmon or scrambled egg (though those two are probably best not cooked on the top of the stove lol).

Arvay said...

It is a self-cleaning surface. :) Everything on it turns to ash the next time the fire gets really got. It think it's about 600-700F when the fire is super-hot (when I first get home), but as I let it die down, the top surface is about 500F, which is a pretty good cooking temperature. :)

bt said...

Mmmm.... Cheeze.