Friday, February 4, 2011


A few friends of mine have, using augers, drilled holes into the 4-foot thick ice of the Tanana river and put lines in for burbot. This has been their most successful fishing yet.

C and his burbot:

P and his burbot:

B and his burbot:

This weekend, they are hosting a burbot party to experiment with techniques to cook this hideous, but reputedly tasty, fish. Yes, we friends will be gathering in the name of cod.

I'll also be skiing in our current warmth and newly fallen snow. Have a good weekend, everyone!


hansragnar said...

in Minnesota we call them eelpout... what they are is a type of cod... fillet and pan fry in butter - they're delicious (and unfortunately much neglected)

rena said...

I wiki'd them and they also go by the name Lingcod. I -love- lingcod - it's lovely stuff and very versatile. You'll have to tell us how you prepare it!
And from the wiki entry it sounds like they're dressed (or rather undressed) like catfish - hanging from a hook and then peeling the skin off with pliers. Tough critters!

Anonymous said...

Fish & Game has a good webpage with videos about how to catch them and how to fillet them, and I think there's a recipe book on there too >