Sunday, February 6, 2011

Burbot party Photos

Last night we had our celebration of cod.

Ways to prepare burbot:

1) Marinated with a lot of paprika and grilled in foil:

Served with slaw:

2) With veggies in soup or in chowdah (if the chef is from New England, it's not chowder; it's chowdah):

3) Battered and fried:

which of course is mostly gone before you can even get out the camera:

Three kinds of soup!

The chef at work:

A friendly crowd upstairs:

And downstairs:

Edited on Jan 3, 2013 to add: Recently this page has had dozens of hits from a Minnesota fishing site with people looking for burbot recipes. Hi, Minnesotans! I feel like we are long-lost cousins, we share so much in common--moose and bears and berries and fish and man-eating mosquitoes and ice and snow and snow and more snow. Do you get to see aurora in Minnesota?

Oh, and there was a pretty good aurora last night:

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