Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fuzzy wuzzy photos

While some dogs are running 100 miles a day, some other dogs are running 3, and spending the rest of their day doing this:

Miss Millie B. Doofus, Supreme Ruler of the People's Independent Republic of Bunnistan, sez, "Lower your hand with that spinach in it, so at least I have a fighting chance!"

Oh no! Millie is listing!

The girls as I get ready for bed. After I get into bed, Linden vacates for her own. Autumn sleeps with me. It's interesting that they have been so carefully bred to be the most excellent sled dogs, and yet their most important function to me is as teddy bears. Skijoring and hauling firewood around are really just side benefits.

Linden sez, "Put the flashy thing down and come cuddle with me!"


b said...

millie's nose still has no fur even with bunn gone. her fur looks frumpy. she looks cold. maybe she needs some blankets

Debs said...

My bun looks like that too - it seems to be just thick winter coat, but may be partly her age as well.

Arvay said...

That's her winter coat! It grows in so quickly it's quite disorganized. It's a lot thicker than it was in California, and she doesn't mind cold at all. She doesn't huddle in her bed, for example. She just flops out on her floor. :)

DJC said...

Do the dogs get riled up and start to tussle and play if you get down low with them and "roughhouse" them a little? Just wondering how playful they are :)

Arvay said...

I only let them roughhouse outside. If they even *hint* at messing around inside, I kick them out into the yard. My house is too small for that sort of nonsense!