Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Year Photos

Sam with her parents, warming themselves by the wood stove:

Trout that Sam's papa caught from Chena Lakes:

Preparing the trout:

Is that a perfect roast chicken? Dayum, I am impressed with myself!

My nian-gao. It tasted better than it looked. Per the recipe I found via google, I baked it instead of steaming it, so the top was dry. But it was pretty good!

I always put my guests to work:

Not a bad spread!

Me with my dowgs:

Our little group. My neighborhood is regularly visited by these Mormons on their mission.


Jayne said...

Are those missionaries in the last pic? Arvay, I LOVE you! =)

Arvay said...

Yeah, the Mormons! I'm not converting to Mormonism, but I do have them in to chat when they come by. They are kind. :)

mdr said...

I can see who the Mormans are :-) I have to give them credit that they always dress up so formally even when it is too cold/hot/wet. They have good spirits. I was somehow impressed by their temple before