Wednesday, December 5, 2012


...that I'd heard said before but only witnessed literally since moving to Fairbanks:

(1) "I froze my ass off!"

I have literally frozen my ass off. As in, frost nipped its extremities. And a few days later, the outer layers of skin peeled off.

(2) "Sorry I couldn't get you that document this morning. My computer froze."

"I mean," he said immediately after that. "It literally froze. I left it in my car, and it wouldn't turn on."

Aaaaand, in other news, it is warming up today! And the inversion is still strong. What do I mean by "inversion"? It means that my long-desired upstairs thermometer:

is not as handy as I had thought it would be, because the temperature at ground level is quite a bit colder:

So I get all excited and dress in a mere three pairs of trousers instead of four, then go downstairs and see that, and I go, "DANG IT!!" and go back upstairs and put something else on.


mdr said...

I really cannot understand. Most likely others do too

mdr said...

Buy some good warm pants, so you only have to wear two layers instead of four. Do they make any for people in Fairbanks?

Arvay said...

Oh no! More, lighter layers are warmer and more comfy. Each two layers traps a layer of warm air in between them. And also, you can tuck this shirt into those pants, then those pants into this shirt, then these pants into the socks, etc, etc. It blocks more cold air flow than just one giant pair of pants and one giant sweater!

b said...

Do you have a heater in your outhouse? That might help with the frostbite on your rear and thighs. That sounds painful. :(

Arvay said...

This doesn't happen in my outhouse! It happens when I go skiing and dress inadequately.