Thursday, January 17, 2013

Impressions of Colorado

On Mon and Tues I was at the National Wind for Schools Summit at the National Renewable Energy Technology Laboratory in Golden, CO. Golden is a picturesque town at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. It smells of roasting hops from the Coors brewery. I must say, if a town has to smell like a factory, a beer brewery would be my third choice (right behind a commercial bakery and a chocolate factory, in that order!).

My impressions of Colorado:

* When the plane landed in Denver, the pilot informed us that it was about 0 degrees F outside. The entire plane let out a collective gasp. I chuckled softly and kept quiet. :)

* The setting here is definitely beautiful and unique. It's not California-beautiful, nor Fairbanks-beautiful, nor Hawaii-beautiful, nor Sitka-beautiful. It gets a new category in the Arvay lexicon.

* BUT--when I put on my blinker light on the highway, the cars pinch me out rather than let me in. -1 for Colorado!

* HOWEVER--the drivers are excruciatingly polite to pedestrians; I was standing on a corner snapping photos, when the car stopped and tapped his horn to ask whether I was going to cross. +1 for Colorado!

* The weather and the streets look like Spring breakup in Fairbanks--grey sky, melty, slushy snow.

* I saw several flocks of migratory birds, mostly geese. I wasn't sure whether they were coming or going.

* At the airport arrivals area, we deplaners were greeted by two airport employees in cowboy hats, proffering guidance and directions.

* 0 degrees F in Colorado feels about the same as 0 degrees F in Fairbanks--it's dry enough not to sting.

Photos to come! For now, here is a photo of a bunny:


mdr said...

Is it a hare? It so blend into the surrounding color. Cute, but I won't want one.

mdr said...

Denver is known for making people sick because of its altitude. I was okay though but too dry air.

Arvay said...

I, too, felt no effects from altitude, but found the air even dryer than Fairbanks! I did not understand how or why that was possible, but my nose felt like it was going to crack and crumble off.

I don't know what kind of bunny that is. :)

Anonymous said...

Decades ago in a past life, I lived in Golden. Nice to know it hasn't changed. Did you take the brewery tour?
Have you visited Hershey PA ? The street lamps all have giant Hershey Kisses on top and the whole town smells wonderful!

mdr said...

Because the air is thinner than Fairbanks' air due to higher altitude. I had problem with my nose too.

Arvay said...

The brewery was closed for tours while I was there. :( I've never been to Hershey; that's a great idea! I've been to the Jelly Belly factory in Contra Costa County in California!