Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Last night, I was doing the dishes and jamming to ridiculous Singaporean pop music (don't ask), when I heard a thump on the porch. I went to peek out the window. What visitors were gracing me this evening, when my dinner guests had just left? It was a pair of dogs, whom I recognized. I let them in, and they promptly made themselves at home, curling up on my girls' bed and gnawing on their rawhides. My girls were quite unimpressed:

I leaned my head out the door and hollered their human's name. No answer. So I phoned her and said, "Hi! Your dogs are visiting me! Want to come get them?"

That, I must say, had never happened to me before. :)


Allmycke said...

Happens to me quite often. Loki's Mom lives not too far away and every now and then she escapes for a solitary run. She invariably ends up on my porch wanting to come in. When I open the door she heads for the dog bowls in the kitchen and then settles on the couch (Yeah!) until her human comes to collect her.

mdr said...

Wow, reminds me of some people who are just more "relaxed" and/or more "aggressive". When animals act that, just more cute.

mdr said...

Donna said she urged you to rearrange your furniture. The room looks different and roomier now.

Arvay said...

I was complaining to Donna for the dozenth time that "my couch wouldn't fit under the stairs." She said, "have you ever tried?" She measured it out, and yeah, it fit. I feel stupid now. :)

rena said...

Hahaa! We have a neighbor kid like that. She's 9, not shy, and often shows up at our doorstep saying "Whatcha having for dinner?" We love her to bits, and don't mind at all especially since my kids are always welcome at her place.
So see, humans do the same thing. However I do not move my furniture around to make more room for my kids....oh wait, I do.

mdr said...

Be careful not to bounk your head when you stand up from the couch.