Wednesday, June 12, 2013

CSA, week 2

The good folks at Rosie Creek Farm are still doing what they can to provide us with what they are able to. I must confess, although I am not disappointed by the small quantities (which I anticipated due to our extremely late spring), I am disappointed by the presence of that purple vegetable that tastes like straw. I used to feed it to my bunnies. I guess I'll have to figure out how to make it edible for humans.


mdr said...

"Hoss in Heemaliya its poutatous" and I read all over that sweet potato would be the one if a person can only have one kind of food.

All root vegetables need to be organic more.

Get sweet potato or yam -- bake it or cook it with rice.

mdr said...

Any coarse vegi can be chopped into smaller than usual pieces. Stir fry it with slightly more oil, when it is half done, add a little water and cover the lid till done.

Enjoy and it looks pretty.

Rena said...

That stupid purple thing again?? If it was edible, I think the farm was supposed to harvest it long before it bolted. As much as I sympathize with farmers struggling during a bad season, I would send them a gentle complaint.

BTW, I received a couple of big juicy bundles of bok choy in my CSA box a few weeks ago. Turns out noone else in my family likes the stuff. I used it to make kim chi. Was going to use it for your dumpling recipe but was too busy to go through all the work.Ahh well, next time, next time.

b said...

bok choy! S loves it so much. I always ask what veg she wants, and she yells "bok choy"!