Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Roses and veggies

I hatehatehate those thorny brambles all winter, but I can't kill them because in the summer, they turn into either raspberries or roses, which I lovelovelove!

For their beauty, their sweet, delicate fragrance, and the flavor of rose hips in my tea, I will spare the %^&@ing sticker bushes!

My veggies for the week:

And for today in awesome news, our conservative Senator Lisa Murkowski today announced that she supports the right of same-sex couples to marry! She made a lovely statement. It really gave me a warm fuzzy. I've met Senator Murkowski, and she is not exactly warm and fuzzy. But she is a consummate professional, even with emotional-softie stuff.

And in OTHER other news, our heat wave has made the Outside media.


mdr said...

Buy organic garlic and sweet potato/yam yourself, whatever closer to the soil is more important to be organic.

Banana and pineapples are too high for little bougers.

Arvay said...

My local farm IS organic.

Rena said...

Mudder you would be surprised how far off the ground the pesticides can get! Non-organic apples are considered pretty high in toxins. And organic-rated pesticides are no walk in the park either. See this recent post from our local farm, Mariquita, in Watsonville:

I wonder which pesticides Rosie Creek has to use, if any?

mdr said...

Rena: Pinapple, not Apple :)

Thank you for the valuable resource. Arvay, please print it -- a lot of information.

I wonder which kind Rosie Creek uses too, don't you?

Arvay said...

I know bananas are on the "safer" list, but I still get organic bananas because the delta in price is only twenty cents, so I might as well be a good hippie.

I don't know what Rosie Creek uses, but whatever it is, it's got to be better than road-weary, week-old veggies from the store!

Rena said...

Eh, bananas and pineapples are only on the safer list because the peel is discarded. But the chemicals used to control fungus, pests, etc etc....whoof.
Here's an article about all the poisons used to raise pineapples.

It's hard as a consumer, though - you gotta eat what's available and what you can afford. In any case, I'm glad you have a good organic (albeit struggling) farm so close to you!