Saturday, June 15, 2013

Post-run snuggles

Autumn... so sweet.

Linden... SQUEEEEEESH!!!

Last night after work I swung by a fundraising dinner for Galena residents who had lost their homes (which would be, um, all of them). It was at the beautiful David Salmon Tribal Hall, which hosts a loooot of community events. There would be music and dancing until 1 a.m., but I had to go home to let Autumn and Linden out to pee, and I was feeling too hot and lazy to come back afterwards. So I took my food to go and added a bit more money to the pot.

This food... is quite terrible for you, haha. In general, rural Alaskans, both Native and white, don't have exactly the healthiest diet on earth. They drink too much pop (or soda or Coke or whatever you know it as) and don't place a high (or any) priority on vegetables. I sautéed up my braising greens from Rosie Creek farm to round out my meal. Weirdly enough, I had been craving fried food, despite the heat, so the chicken was welcome.

Contrast against my prior use of my braising greens--sautéed and dumped over pasta with garlic, herbed cheese curds, and partially-cooked eggs broken on top. Yum!

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mdr said...

Both plates look delicious :) General rule is not to eat dinner 2-3 hours before bed.